We Are Allegro

We are a family of patients and scientists dedicated to the gift of life. We are dreamers, believers, do’ers and conquerors. Our purpose is to design a world of freedom. Starting with the power of boundless motion and carefree thinking. To evolve with our brothers and sisters to the next step in humankind and beyond.



“Allegro designs and manufactures biomedical technology to regenerate and enhance cartilage tissue.”

Life Sciences

Life has no boundaries, just like the dedication of our teams to push the boundaries and keep on challenging. Our hunger and passion is the recipe to bring about disruption.


Our patients are all included in our Allegro family. Together we discover novel ways to overcome our trauma, injury or degenerative disease. As one, we stand tall and pave the way towards a next generation of humankind. 


‘Chondrocure’ is Allegro’s bio-ink aimed at cartilage tissue regeneration, and will be the first blockbuster of the pipeline in product.