Allegro Wins Prestigious ZELSIF Award

Allegro is honored to receive the esteemed China (Zhejiang) European Life Sciences Innovation Fund (ZELSIF) Award. This accolade, given to the most promising medical technology, was awarded after rigorous selection from over 70 leading innovative companies in Europe and China.

The 2023 Cohort (2024 Trophy) was exceptionally competitive, featuring entries from renowned companies like Barco, Materialise, and HTC. Amidst this fierce competition, Allegro emerged as the global winner.

This recognition underscores our innovative approach to osteoarthritis treatment. Our injectable biopolymer particles act as shock absorbers to reinforce the synovial fluid, providing immediate symptom relief and protecting the cartilage.

The distinguished jury included prominent members such as Prof. Dr. Jos Vander Sloten (Dean of the Faculty of Engineering Sciences, KULeuven), Mr. Yao Gaoyang (Mayor of Hangzhou), Ms. Sun Liming (Director General, Health Commission of Zhejiang), and Dr. Luo Weihong (Director General, Standing Committee of the People’s Congress).

The ZELSIF Award not only acknowledges our company’s success but also symbolizes hope for the hundreds of millions of osteoarthritis patients worldwide who seek sustainable treatment solutions.

Osteoarthritis, a global epidemic affecting 658 million people, highlights the urgency of our mission. With our patients at heart, we continue to thrive forward every day with true passion and make osteoarthritis a disease of the past.

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