Therapeutic Areas


Osteoarthritis (OA) is a whole joint disease at the intersection of rheumatology, immunology and chronic tissue degeneration. It particularly affects patients over 60 years of age, with a prevalence of 30%.

Despite its high prevalence and growing incidence, there is currently no commercially available treatment targeting its root cause. This places a significant burden on affected individuals and healthcare systems globally. In developed nations, osteoarthritis-related healthcare costs amount to approximately 1.7% of GDP, highlighting the substantial economic impact.

With over 650 million patients worldwide, addressing the unmet needs of those affected requires a concerted effort in research, intervention, and healthcare strategies.

Tissue Regeneration

Autologous tissue regeneration holds significant promise in the realm of medical research, particularly in addressing conditions related to cartilage and nervous tissue damage. Allegro is actively engaged in pioneering efforts within this field, leveraging innovative approaches to advance the development of regenerative therapies. Cartilage regeneration, for instance, is a field of interest in Allegro’s research, as a precursor to OA. Similarly, Allegro’s endeavors extend to nervous tissue regeneration, targeting neurological disorders and injuries through the development of novel therapeutic interventions. Through its research efforts, Allegro seeks to contribute to the advancement of regenerative medicine, offering hope for improved outcomes and quality of life for individuals affected by these debilitating conditions.