New Belgian Biotech Start-Up Regenerates Cartilage

Allegro is the latest revelation in the Flemish biotech landscape. The start-up is working on a revolutionary technology based on the regeneration of cells and tissues. Their first pipeline product is a nanotechnology scaffold for cartilage regeneration. 

Founder Jorg Schelfhout: “Allegro came about after years of preliminary research in medical biomaterials and the search for the ultimate regenerative technology.” 

“What we are developing now is truly revolutionary, because we work a-cellular and are 100% biocompatible. This means that with just 1 quick intervention we can regrow the cells and restore the cartilage to its original state. Without side effects or expensive cell therapies. ” 

Cartilage lesions are a very common medical condition. They are often caused by acute trauma (such as in athletes), or occur as a result of degenerative diseases. Today, either the cutting of touched cartilage, sutures or certain collagen products is used. However, there is not yet an adequate treatment. Untreated cartilage lesions can lead to, among other things, osteoarthrosis and is therefore an important condition from a social point of view. 

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