CPBT consortium lands €124,5 million funding.

Last year, Allegro became part of the CPBT. The new Centre for Animal-Free Biomedical Translation (CPBT) aims to accelerate the transition to animal-free research for safer, more effective and better treatments with less animal suffering over the next ten years. This will result in economic and social benefits: better medicines and less animal testing.

Today, we are happy and proud that the Dutch National Growth Fund invests 124.5 million euros in the transition to animal-free innovation.

Allegro, as part of CPBT, will be committed to researching the effect of biomechanics in combination with hydrogel in osteoarthritis. A specific interest will be in the equine synovial fluid mechanics, as a pivotal model for regulatory studies.

We are very happy to have been part of such a massive fundraise and already look forward to animal-free clinical research.

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