‘Tijd’ Article on Liège Biotech Showcases Allegro’s Growth

The article discusses the rise of biotech companies in and around Liège, with a special focus on LégiaPark, a new hub for biotech companies. This comes at a time when Mithra, a well-known women’s health company, is struggling to survive. While Mithra is in a financial crisis, the biotech ecosystem in Liège is growing steadily, supported by investments from the Walloon government and local expertise.

Allegro, a Flemish biotech company developing a treatment for osteoarthritis, moved to Liège and established itself in LégiaPark. The CEOs, Lucas Decuypere and Jorg Schelfhout, praise the advantages of working in Liège, such as the availability of highly skilled staff and modern infrastructure.

Read the full article here.

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